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In the service of the future: towards a circular economy, sustainability, and a clean environment.

Our main goal is to protect our environment and conduct our activities in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Environmental management is a broad field that focuses on solving environmental issues and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. It applies a comprehensive approach to address environmental protection and economic growth.

Environmental management covers various areas, including water management, air quality control, soil conservation, waste management, climate change mitigation measures, and sustainable resource management. Its objective is to reduce the environmental impacts of human activities, promote the development and implementation of environmental regulations and policies, and contribute to sustainable economic and social development.

Conscious environmental management requires recognizing environmental problems, understanding their causes, actively seeking solutions, and making changes to our own behavior and habits.

Recognize your own environmental footprint. Get informed about how your actions, lifestyle, and decisions impact the environment. Online environmental footprint calculations can assist in this regard.

Make changes in your habits. Start introducing modifications in your daily life that reduce your environmental footprint. For instance, choose environmentally friendly products like organic food or eco-friendly household appliances.

Protect nature. Show respect for and actively protect the natural environment. Avoid littering and polluting the environment, including the air, water, and soil. If possible, contribute to nature conservation efforts within your local community or through organizations.

Share your experiences with others about what you have done for environmental conservation. Discuss these matters with your family, friends, colleagues, or join environmental organizations.

Support green initiatives such as environmental projects or social initiatives that promote sustainable development.

Opt for sustainable mobility. Whenever possible, choose sustainable modes of transportation, such as cycling, walking, using public transport, or, if feasible, switch to electric vehicles. Promote energy efficiency. Replace energy-wasting bulbs with LEDs, use energy-efficient household appliances, reduce consumption, and utilize renewable energy sources.

By embracing these principles of conscious environmental management, we can protect our environment, live in harmony with nature, and contribute to a sustainable future.


Establishing and maintaining professional collaborations with our partners.


Establishing and maintaining professional collaborations with our partners.


Operating waste collection at the highest level of service available while continuously striving for improvement in partnership with our residential clients.


regularly reviews its compliance with its own environmental regulations and strives for conscious environmental development in all areas of the company.

We believe that by achieving the goals outlined in our environmental guidelines, our company contributes to creating a cleaner environment. In our activities and investments, we employ the most environmentally friendly technologies available and strive to improve our technology



Environmentally conscious thinking and sustainability are highly important in our everyday lives. Every day, we work towards having the most efficient performance by continuously monitoring and implementing innovative recycling technologies. It is essential for us to constantly track and apply innovative waste recycling technologies.


At VERTIKAL Group, we continuously expand the utilization of renewable energy sources. As a result, 100% of the energy used in the production of our plastic products comes from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, we are working towards increasing the use of green energy in the operation of our facilities to further extend our renewable energy consumption.



As part of our business activities, we engage in the management, Storage, and recycling of inert demolition waste. The generated inert waste undergoes continuous monitoring, classification, pre-treatment, and qualification. We ensure that the transportation of materials is conducted in a manner that prevents any pollution to the environment. With our extensive network of partners, our company provides nationwide coverage for this service, catering to both large-scale projects and smaller investments.


Our waste management activities are based on a comprehensive, circular approach that determines the future of our environment. This approach is applied not only in waste collection, treatment, and recycling but also as fundamental principles in our manufacturing processes and raw material management. Through our waste management division, our goal is to protect the environment during waste collection, treatment, and utilization while minimizing the quantity of waste that requires disposal in compliance with international regulations. In serving these goals, we place significant emphasis on education and raising awareness.


Conscious Corporate Environmental Policy.


A good corporate environmental policy is a comprehensive and conscious approach aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts of the company. Below, we summarize the elements that an effective corporate environmental policy should include:

A conscious corporate environmental policy should include the environmental objectives of the company and the principles it follows in the field of environmental protection.


Stakeholder Engagement: The corporate environmental policy should describe how the company involves its employees, suppliers, and partners in achieving the environmental objectives.


Environmental Impact Assessment: The company needs to assess the environmental impacts of all its activities and identify areas for improvement.


Sustainability: The corporate environmental policy should be part of the company's sustainability strategy. This strategy allows the company to operate in a sustainable manner in the long term while minimizing its environmental impacts.


Compliance and Regulations: The company must comply with all environmental regulations applicable to its activities and ensure that all employees are aware of these rules.


Communication and Information: The corporate environmental policy includes a communication plan. The company needs to inform its employees, suppliers, and partners about environmental impacts, sustainability, and the company's environmental policy.


Performance Measurement and Improvement: The company needs to regularly monitor its environmental performance and take corrective measures to minimize environmental impacts.


A good corporate environmental policy can be beneficial for both the company and the environment.

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